Acupuncture Machine


Installation | Visual Design | Programming

Meridian was my thesis 1 project on the fall semester at MFADT, Parsons. As part of my portfolio, I'll make a brief introduction to this project, and show my final outcome including an "acupuncture machine" and the auxiliary visual design.


As an ancient medical technique in China, acupuncture was introduced and welcomed as a complementary therapy in the west. 10 million adults in the U.S. have received acupuncture. I’m quite curious about this well-acknowledged therapy whose origin is in the east but prosper in the west and its unique instrument - needle.

My Concept Statement is:

I want to reveal the scientific value of acupuncture and underline its uniqueness and aesthetics of using the needle as an external medical instrument to cure internal disease by making an acupuncture installation that interprets the mechanism of Chinese medicine in the context of medical science.


The pictures below are my outcome on the thesis one pop-up show

To give the audience a sense that Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture treat the human body as a whole, I used wireless transmitter and receiver and replaced the pressure sensor with a more sensitive capacitive sensor. Moreover, choose a specific case in acupuncture to provide the audience with a more comprehensible context.


So as shown in the picture, this is an acupuncture installation that demonstrates the treatment of shoulder pain. 


There are three acupoints which are specifically targeting at shoulder pain. This installation can visualize how these points are connected. By poking needles into the acupoint on the left hand, the other coordinated acupoints on the right side will light up, giving the audience a sense that during the medical treatment, Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture, consider the entire human body as their target, rather than a single organ.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 22.36.07.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 22.36.18.png

Here is a short video demo