iOS Programming (XCode)


Butler was made at the earlier stage of my UX design career. It is more if a coding project than a UX project. 

It is an app that serves both the building manager and the residents.  I draw inspiration from the building I live which always sends messages through email, and sometimes I just miss it; and some of the activities are only printed into the poster, which I have less chance to see them. So I want to make an app that is more convenient for residents to receive messages and more helpful for building manages to communicate with the tenant. Just as my slogan said, to give you a home away from home.

the icon of my app is the combination of a bell for Butler and the text; and the font - Bauhaus, looks nice and clean, which correspond to the function and appearance of my app.

This app is consists of four parts. Landing page, home page, pages for residents to receive messages and pages for building managers to publish messages.


I divided the function of my app into 4 parts according to the target user, which is "activities announcements" build for property managers to publish messages to all residents, "express messages" to ask residents to claim packages in the locker, "rent information" that residents open available rent room as Airbnb to people don’t live in the building, and "users category" for users to fill up their basic information.