Duration: June 25th - Present

Role: Lead UX Designer

Contribution: UX Design;

                           Graphic Design;

                           Information Architecture

Status: In progress


Trace is a windows/mac desktop-based modem log collection tool. The product supports real-time modem diagnostics of android/iOS devices. The main feature of Trace includes:

- USB tethered solution for smartphones, IoT, scanners and fixed wireless

- Real-Time modem diagnostics of Device and Network KPI’s

- Offline post-processing solution for cellular and scanner log files

- Extensive location-based drive route map analysis with cell sites

App Sctructure

As a UX designer, the most difficult part for me as I work at Verizon is, I will encounter a lot of professional terms and knowledge in the telecommunication field. Every time when I get a new task, I have to spend some time figuring out the structure of the product, and the basic meaning & functionality behind those geek words.  The image below gives an example of how a first-time user accesses the Trace tool.


App Analytics

Continued from the InfoStructure mentioned in the previous section, the main interface of Trace App are - Setting Page, Session Page, and Feature Analytics Pages.



Below are the solutions coordinated to the issues mentioned in App Analytics.

TraceAppImprovement@3x copy.png

Hi-Fi Mockup