When the customer have a holistic, detailed view into the performance of their devices on the Verizon Network, they gain greater insights into key metrics, such as status, coverage, experience and more. And the more insights they have, the easier it becomes to make the decisions that they needs to thrive. 

Wireless Network Performance, for

More Visibility, Better Intelligence, and Smarter Decisions. 

Project Duration

2 years

My Role

Sole UX Designer


UX Design

Graphic Design

Information Architecture

Video Editing

WNP was my first project when I joined the Verizon Modeling & Analytics System (VMAS) team. By that time, WNP was on its way transforming form an internal website for the Network Repair Bureau and limited numbers of enterprise customer to an external commercial platform. Still, WNP is at an earlier stage with few customer-based features enabled. 


As the sole designer in the team, my job is to facilitate WNP with multiple analytical features, help it grow into a powerful enterprise tool, leverage its impact and get it fully prepared for the launch to external customers. 

With many year’s efforts, WNP finally has its commercial launch on July 1st, 2021. Available through Verizon My Business portal.

Our customers include:


Target  User

flexibility-two-arrows_3x 2.png

   Organizations that require deeper insights into their connectivity solutions so that they can quickly and accurately make strategic and tactical decisions

clock_3x 2.png

   Organizations that want to plan for network events, such as outages and downtime, by having the necessary information available to them

police-fleet_3x 2.png

   Public safety agencies that need to help reduce the impact on communications during an unplanned event


Wireless Network Performance platform is aimed to provide user self-service capability to view and manage network data from a centralized portal.

Each enterprise user could browse the network coverage map to check network coverage status or gain informations on events and planned maintenance. 


Network Coverage Map


According to the user level, specific network performance analytics are available through the tiles below the map. Tiles help user gain insights into device and connectivity performance in simple, easy-to-understand visuals. Also, WNP tiles centralized users' network report and alarms which includes network event notifications, SLOs, planned maintenance, tracking and resolution details on trouble tickets, and monthly data usage reports.


Analytical Tiles


Project Planning

Before we start...


Case Study

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 5.42.16 PM.png

Service Diagnostic Tools

A device level troubleshooting area.

It runs diagnosis by tracking the MDN within the enterprise and generate diagnostic report as an overall customer experience, which consisted of five key elements - Performance degradation, Slow speed, Call receiving issue, Call drop issue, and Call origination issue.


Original NSP Lite

​Problem Anatomy

Merged from another Verizon Tool NSP Lite under the Delphi team, Service Diagnostic Tools has tons of troubles from the undefined user flow, chaotic info hierarchy to confusing color usage and iconography.



User Journey

It is always better studying how user act to the product than asking them "What do you want in this product" directly, especially when facing a unfamiliar tool that need a inside-out renovation. By observing how my colleague interact with NSP Lite, I found some frictional part existing in the product that have chance to be optimized.





By summarizing on user's needs and ways to go, I came up with three principles for redesigning NSP Lite. And below are my approaches for practicing these guidance.



Keep the visual language consistent with Verizon Branding Guideline

Follow the Design System (including Typography, Iconography, Grid System, Color Code etc.) form VZ Brand Center. 


If there are negative feedbacks in troubleshooting, user red warning message with alert icon.


If there are positive feedbacks in troubleshooting, user green safe message with safe icon.

Organize the content and rebuild the troubleshooting hierarchy both visually and logically

Tab collapse and expand:



Default mode, all tab with content are expanded.

Multi-cases in one trouble type analysis:


More accessible information with archivable report available.







Other Tiles

VIP Experience for Account Experience


Account Experience tile shows the score of the enterprise overall performance, score trend, and anomaly devices. VIP Experience is a new feature added to this tile to attract users that willing to pay for more information about their account experience.

Account Setting

used for user-level/authority management


Customer Feedback


used through the supervision of how our users rated us to make improvement of our website

Measure Success

Joan S - American Airline

Good. Design is fine, simple, and concise.


Unique customers showed interest from different business units / verticals from the list of 15 potential customers


Unique users opportunities were created; with a minimum of 2 users per customer.


Unique users registered in CenterCode and signed from the list of 47.

WNP helps pre-sales activities to ensure good experience of our customers

Arthur D - GPSi / Club Car

And I'm glad that with the help of my colleagues, my design was welcomed by a large group of enterprise customers :)