Covid copy.jpg

Duration: 10 Days

Role: Lead UX Designer

Contribution: Fast Prototyping;

                           UX Design;

                           Graphic Design;

                           Video Making;

Status: Launched


Covid-19 Scoring Monitor is launched at the time when Covid-19 broke out around nationwide. The map, dataset, API, and dashboard aim to help engineers analyze the telecommunication condition and User Experience Score (UES) during the quarantine. 

The data provides information on UES, Mobility Score, Network Performance, and anomaly devices broken down by country, state, and county level. These data were integrated to help track mobility usage, communication quality, network healthiness, user activity to support the maintenance of a better telecommunication environment.

Here's a video introduction I made for the Covid-19 site, this video is used for site demo during the pre-launch period, and is placed on the website as well.

Design Goal

As Covid-19 breaks out violently across the country, it becomes our top priority to launch this site asap to guarantee the telecommunication quality, since almost everybody was "trapped" at home. Also, it is of great importance to monitor their activities via the mobility scores to see if there are still many people not following the "stay at home" order. 

Website Structure

Below is the structure of the Covid-19 website. The structure is quite neat and clear.


The map gives users a general understanding/grasp of the approximate communication quality distribution on a geographical scale. By checking on the map layers, users are allowed to access data such as UES, mobility score, network performance, opened tickets. They can also check on multiple layers to make further analytics. Such as combining the Mobility Score layer and Hospital layer to see if there are more people visiting some specific hospitals.

A series of line charts are listed below the map. They are detailed scoring analytics updated daily to give users the latest Covid-related informations.


Website Structure