Darkest Hour

Chernobyl Disaster & Fukushima Disaster


Data Visualization | Visual Design | Information Architecture

This is a data visualization project I did base on the data of the Chernobyl Disaster and the Fukushima Disaster. The name of the poster was quoted from Joe Wright's film "Darkest Hour".


Information on these maps includes degrees of contamination around the explosion area, the death number of the disaster, remained radiation valued in various area of the explosion area, and the exact event happened on the date of the explosion. 


On the first poster, I set the color tone to yellow and black, giving a sense of danger (the color of cordon).


As on the second poster, I extract the pattern of the Japanese national flag and the Japanese spirit of the sun, making a metaphor by comparing the explosion radiation to the radiation of the sunlight.


On both of these posters, I choose representative typography as their headlines, which emphasized that it is a nationwide disaster.