VR Endoscopy Surgery Experience


VR | Visual Design 

Among all my interests, exploring the medical field is listed at the top of my to-do list. Maybe because of the reason that I have a gallstone within my body for five years. After coming to New York, the intensive courses, unhealthy daily routine, and the irresistible delicious cuisines heavier the burden of my gallbladder and the pain break out at last few weeks of last semester. As I was trying to find a way to ease my pain and the best solution to avoid surgery, a surgical robot called Da Vinci Surgical Robot arouses my interest.


Da Vinci contains a surgical system that allows the surgeon’s hand movements to be translated into smaller, precise movements of tiny instruments inside the patient’s body, providing a new way for a minimum invasive endoscopic surgery. Da Vinci is also embedded with a virtual training system, allowing surgeons to have a better training environment; but even in NYC, Da Vinci is currently only available at Langone's Robotic Surgery Center and Columbia University Medical Center. Even medical intern have little opportunities to use this expensive machine. Surgeries especially endoscopic surgery deals with internal lesions requires more training since the wounded organ is inside the body and operation plans can’t be made after cutting open the stomach. Imagine a patient with severe pain in his kidney and he need emergent surgery, few

people would like to be treated by inexperienced surgeons. It is reasonable and of great importance to have an endoscopic surgical simulator which is available for most people; and Since VR has been introduced to the medical field in different ways including reducing pain and anxiety, rehabbing, and surgical use. It is the best solution to make a more immersive environment and provide a better virtual surgical field with my project be built in VR.


Endo Video Demo

I shared my experience with Yasong and came out with our design proposal: we want to make a VR endoscopy application (ENDO) that anybody can access, learn and practice.


The main tools we use are Unity, Oculus, and C4D.


This project was selected to the 2018 NYC Media Lab Demo at Parsons.