NPM - Network Performance Monitoring
A Self-Service System for NRB (Network Repair Bureau) & VZ Enterprise Customers driven by Wireless Analytics & AI techniques 

- Evaluate enterprise-level device & network performance healthiness and service quality;

- Perform root cause analysis on device & network service & performance degradations;

- Detect anomalies of enterprise devices, services, and networks proactively;

- Provide timely tech support and care to mitigate issues prior to opening a Ticket with NRB/Care.

Business Goal

NPM is the first project handed to me when I joined the VMAS Team (Verizon Modeling & Analytics System). By that time, NPM is already a functional analytics platform with several customer-based features enabled.

My responsibilities are optimizing the current UI; designing new features according to the customers' needs; collaborating with developers and the business teams, and doing daily QA on both production & pre-production to ensure the platform runs well. Yeah, I'm not only a UX designer but also a QA tester, surprise! :P


Site Structure


A universal dashboard with various tiles to evaluate/monitor enterprise network and device performance.

Users are able to access services according to their user level. Services include Open Tickets, Usage, VZ Planned Maintenance, Device Models, Device Experience, Account Experience, Private Network Performance, Connected Devices, VZ Account Team, VZ Technical Support, Service Notifications, Security Operation Center, Service Impacting Events, Enterprise Company Profile Info, Service Diagnostic Tools, Request Temporary Network Augmentation.


Enterprise users are able to check their company devices' maintenance status, network analytics, network coverage, etc. on the map.

Since EPA is the very first task handled to me, I really do not have much experience designing/redesigning an entire website on my own. So the EPA project is more like a "house renovation". I made several new pages/sections that enhance the function of the website. I have less creation but more exercise in this project, and through EPA, I start getting used to the telecommunication field.

Mockups at a glance

Service Diagnostic Tools - One of the new tiles I made for EPA. It is used to run a diagnosis for the MDN within the enterprise. The final outcome would be a detailed report with analysis from five perspectives - Performance degradation, Slow speed, Call receiving issue, Call drop issue, and Call origination issue.


VIP Experience for Account Experience Tile -  Account Experience tile shows the score of the enterprise overall performance, score trend, and anomaly devices. VIP Experience is a new feature added to this tile to attract users that willing to pay for more information about their account experience.


Account Setting & Customer Feedback - These two tiles are only accessible for admin users. Account Setting is used for user-level/authority management, and Customer Feedback is used through the supervision of how our users rated us to make improvement of our website.

Measure Success

Feedback got from NPM user testing in the 1st week Market Trial

- Company support personnel can quickly and easily see if Verizon is available in a particular location;

- We like the satellite view NPM provided;

- This tool is easy to use;